The world lacks leadership with wisdom. It’s too late.

Russia: Literally annexing territory through military conquest, afraid of homosexuals in public.

China: You’ll be disappeared for saying someone looks like Winnie the Pooh, and everyone in-the-know would rather park their money in uninhabited apartments in Vancouver than in the next “superpowers” economy.

USA: Veterans and former industrial base dying of exposure and deaths of despair in every major city, has literal caravans of citizens traveling abroad for medical care that could be provided for with a few strokes of a pen from a captured and inept government.

Britain: We want out! Wait, fuck, do we? Maybe. Out but in. In but out…

EU: It’s good to be reliant on Russia’s energy, American military shielding and no hard external borders despite wildly theocratic neighbors in ecologically sensitive areas in the near abroad.

Middle East: This book says you’re wrong and that’s my land.

India: Himalayas to the north, ocean to the south, humidity to the east and nukes to the west. Oh, and a billion people.

Japan: AIl or extinction! Nothing in between.

Latin America: Only 1 regionally devastating economic collapse a decade.


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