From the three evils of society, by Dr. King

From The Three Evils of Society, by Dr. King:

We cry out against welfare hand outs to the poor, but generously approve an oil depletion allowance to make the rich richer. Six Mississippi plantations receive more than a million dollars a year, not to plant cotton, but no provision is made to feed the tenant farmer who is put out of work by the government subsidy. The crowning achievement in hypocrisy must go to those staunch Republicans and Democrats of the Midwest and West who were given land by our government when they came here as immigrants from Europe. They were given education through the land grant colleges. They were provided with agricultural agents to keep them abreast of forming trends, they were granted low interest loans to aid in the mechanization of their farms and now that they have succeeded in becoming successful, they are paid not to farm and these are the same people that now say to black people, whose ancestors were brought to this country in chains and who were emancipated in 1863, without being given land to cultivate or bread to eat; that they must pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. What they truly advocate is Socialism for the rich and Capitalism for the poor.

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  1. People truly don’t realize how long this has all been going on for. And as King said, they’ve become more successful than they could’ve imagined. And there’s no end in sight unless some true adults like Warren and Sanders are given a shot to start the process. It will take longe than either can do in 2 terms. We need back to back Progressives for decades and real Change will happen.

    This would also require half the county to not be fucking morons.

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