The main problem I have with your average trump voter

Trump supporters want to fight for things that make the world worse, except for them. Everyone else more or less has a plan to make the world better for everyone. Major fucking difference.

One thought on “The main problem I have with your average trump voter”

  1. It probably feels really safe and comfortable.
    People who believe in conspiracy think they’re smart because they know something that regular people don’t.
    They feel special because they must be. Otherwise why are they being persecuted?

    The world is a frightening place where things happen to you without satisfactory reasons. People die, accidents happen, and when we ask why; the answer is never enough.

    It’s simple and safe if the reason your mother died of cancer is because “they” are hiding a cure. If you lost your job because “they” want lower paid immigrants. That you can’t get a date because “they” want men to be inferior. So of course it stands to reason; that you didn’t vote for a criminal, “they” are trying stop the person trying to fighting for you.

    They get to wallow in their delusions with other selfish people who don’t want to accept how small their part in the world really is.

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