EU says Russia conducted ‘sustained’ election interference campaign

The European Union already suspected that Russia was trying to disrupt its parliamentary elections through hacks and other online interference, and now it’s directly pointing a finger at the country. EU officials have published a report accusing Russia of orchestrating a “continued and sustained” misinformation campaign during the late May election similar to ones the country tried in the US, France and other countries. It used fake stories to “promote extreme views,” stoke political tensions and, sometimes, discourage voter turnout.

There was a change in strategy this time around, the EU added. Instead of launching large efforts online, the Russians and the political figures linked to them preferred “smaller-scale,” more regional influence campaigns that would be harder to catch.

The report writers credit Facebook, Google, Twitter and others with doing a better job of cracking down on misinformation that could have made Russia’s meddling more effective. However, the EU also said that “more needs to be done” on the part of internet giant, including greater transparency for ad hosts and more cooperation with fact checkers. The Union planned to study the effectiveness of an existing Code of Practice and propose further efforts, possibly including regulations, if the current rules weren’t deemed adequate.

Russia has historically denied interfering in foreign elections despite evidence to the contrary. It’s not always effective, according to past reports, but the EU findings suggest that the country isn’t about to give up any time soon.

2 thoughts on “EU says Russia conducted ‘sustained’ election interference campaign”

  1. This is a long term plan and goal of Putin’s. He is slowly but surely trying to destroy western democracy and any semblance of world peace. All citizens in counties in Europe and the US need to beware. This nationalist idea will be our doom. The only way to keep peace in our world is to stick together and work for peace. This is what has prevented another World War and the rise of dictatorships that only serve to cause pain and suffering. Division will only ensure our demise. Have we learned nothing from the 20th century?

  2. In a textbook that was used by the Russian Military Academy for General Staff known as, ” The Foundation of Geopolitics by Alexander Dugin” it says that Finland, Ukraine, and Georgia should be annexed and absorbed into Russia, NATO must end, Germany and France must form an anti-American bloc, the US must be broken from the inside, China must be dismantled, the UK should separate from your Europe, and much much more. Scary thing? This book came out in 1997, but is essentially a playbook of Putin’s activities. For example, Brexit was backed by Russia, Russia literally annexed Chechnya and has military intervention in Ukraine, the Russians essentially elected Trump and look at the state of the US, Russia meddled in the French elections and now the European elections. It’s scary.

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