Trump claims today that without him the economy will crash

So you created an economy so fragile that without you it crumbles down? In the business world that’s the sign of a poorly made company.

Too bad 1/3 of the country just nodded yes with glazed eyes and gaping maws

And none of them benefited from the strong economy. All they got out of it was to say “the market is strong!”.

Fuck the stock market. Only 20% of rich Americans really care about it. Trumps tax break only helped those with wealth. Thats why he wants to tax the money people are making now. When the market crashes and people lose all their savings, they will see what many of us already see in Trump. Unless, people wake up, they will doom us all.

Now, every taxpayer threw in $200 to subsidize the farmers that voted for this shitgibbon.

You see the fundamental problem is that the people who are brainwashed by trump have 2 core beliefs, one is that when they die, they wilk go to heaven, the second is that the quicker they get there the better.

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