Trump administration providing ‘false’ information about Gulf of Oman attack, says Japanese tanker owner

The owner of the Japanese tanker attacked on Thursday said US reports have provided “false” information about what happened in the Gulf of Oman

The ship operator said “flying objects” that may have been bullets were the cause of damage to the vessel, rather than mines used by Iranian forces, as the US has suggested. 

Yutaka Katada, chief executive of the Japanese company operating the ship called Kokuka Courageous, one of two vessels attacked near the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, said the damage could not have been caused by mines or torpedos that are shot underwater, since the damage was reportedly above the ship’s waterline. 


“It seems that something flew towards them. That created the hole, is the report I’ve received,” Mr Katada said at a press conference in Tokyo on Friday, the Financial Times reported. Mr Katada also described reports of a mine attack as “false” according to several outlets in attendance at the press conference.

Donald Trump’s administration has meanwhile insisted the attacks were carried out by Iran, which has denied having any involvement in either of the two incidents. 

3 thoughts on “Trump administration providing ‘false’ information about Gulf of Oman attack, says Japanese tanker owner”

  1. This is why we need a President and administration that are trustworthy to US citizens as well as foreign governments. We can’t believe anything that they say is happening.

    This administration can’t help but lie over tweets, crowd sizes, and body-mass indexes. Trump calls his own intelligence agencies liars. Bolton would do anything to get into a war with Iran, in his own fucking words!


    If this had happened 5 years ago and the US had provided this evidence, I would have accepted it without question. Today, I simply don’t believe it. Was I naive 5 years ago, or am I too cynical today? I don’t know. What I do know is that I don’t believe a word that comes out of Pompeo’s, Bolton’s or Trump’s mouths.

    1. This administration has spent over 2 years obliterating its credibility, and now they expect me to buy that Iran is doing this? Negative. I simply do not believe it. I don’t believe that it’s definitely a lie, but I believe it is more likely that the U.S. is lying than that it’s telling the truth. Much more likely that this is the Saudis, and quite possibly with U.S. knowledge.

      I’ve never been someone who casually subscribes to conspiracy theories, but the fact is that this administration has become famous for the frequency and scope of its lies, even compared to other politicians. It makes far less sense for Iran to do this than for the Saudis, Israelis, or even the U.S.

  2. I’m a simple man. When a government whose boss has told 10,000 plus lies up to this point, I don’t believe a fucking thing they say.

    The US, my country, is a rogue state.

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