Fuck Republicans. Fuck Democrats. Fuck centrists. Fuck independents

Fuck Republicans. Fuck Democrats. Fuck centrists. Fuck independents. They are all back-asswards and have thoroughly and repeatedly proven they are both unfit for public office and in no way hold the common good above personal gain. As long as this country continues to operate on a profit driven mentality, socio-economic collapse is guaranteed. This is hard, mathematically and historically verifiable fact whether you choose to believe it or not. 100 years or less before humans start dying off in earnest and every bit of it caused by the greed of your so called “leaders” over the course of a century and a half.

Dems and Repubs BOTH need to be concerned with the fact that they won’t be immune when that collapse happens. As greedy and selfish as they all are you’d think that the prospect of their wealth losing all of its imaginary value would spur them to action but no. Any time a real world solution to one of the real world problems is presented the IMMEDIATE answer is ” well that’s nice and all but who’s going to pay for it?” And then that solution is shut down in endless debate. And no one sees the problem with this? 100 years people. A century. That’s all that the human SPECIES (white, black, brown, yellow, purple, green, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, pagan, Pastafarian, rich, poor, middle class…..EVERY-FUCKING-BODY) has left to survive if we don’t fix the problems NOW.

How this isn’t as plain as the nose on your face is beyond me.

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