Sanctions are nothing but inflicting pain on innocent people

This might be totally tangential to the gist of my website, but having lived for most of my life in America as a poor dumbass white boy; I know it takes a lot more than power blackouts, gazillion percent inflation and scarcity of basic commodities to bring a regime like Trumps down. Or any wannabe dictator for that matter, be in North Korea, venezuela, whatever.

Americans are used to comfort, so they aren’t aware of how resilient human beings are, or how human beings prefer order, any kind of order, to chaos. As someone who spent some time homeless living on the street Let me clue you in to something:

The belief that sanctions or tariffs and the hardship caused by sanctions or tariffs will lead people to topple their governments or support those who do so is badly mistaken. During a period of sanctions, people are obsessed with survival, not toppling the government (it is more difficult to get three square meals, so that is what you focus on, you dont give a shit about who is or isnt in charge. Just survival).

I’ve lived through what is basically sanctions like the USA applies to other countries, and the end result is typically the same; the regime wades through, but ordinary people suffer.

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