The Iran saga continues

The US-Iran saga continues, as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that on Wednesday that Iran will be partially withdrawn from the nuclear deal. Iran will keep its excess enriched uranium and heavy water, rather than sell it to other countries as previously agreed to limit its stockpile. President Rouhani also said that more drastic measures would be implemented unless the remaining signatories (the UK, China, France, Germany, and Russia) eased restrictions on Iran’s bankingand oil sectors in the next 60 days.

The irony is that Iran really does not have much choice, as the sanction waiver restriction that the US imposed recently made it impossible for Iran to export its excess enriched uranium – so they kinda are backed into a corner by the US to stockpile uranium. As a result, Europe and Russia are both attributing the blame to the US, stating that Iran has been following the guidelines of the Nuclear Deal.

Just a recap of the recent tension between the US and Iran:

  • The US has stopped sanction waivers for the 8 countries that still trade with Iran, meaning Iran oil export will be technically dropping to zero. The US has also named the IRGC as a terrorist organization. And as of this week, the US has moved a carrier battalion and B-52s to Persian Gulf. Mike Pompeo is changing his schedule drastically and went to Iraq yesterday.
  • Iran has named all US troops in Middle East as terrorist groups. The country has warned of drastic measures if tension continues, and there are speculations around the closing of Strait of Hormuz.

Personally, I think this is going down the path of becoming one of the greatest strategic blunders the US has committed in the last couple of decades. There is no clear justification for the US to withdraw from the Iran deal and continue pressuring Iran. Also, Iran is a much strong country than Iraq, Syria, and Afghan combine. If the US is having issues cleaning up in the previous three regions, Iran can only be worse.

One thought on “The Iran saga continues”

  1. Even the U.S. intelligence agencies admitted that Iran was in technical compliance, a.k.a. they were living up to the terms that had been agreed to, and they are not exactly dovish when it comes to Iran.

    Everyone in the world other than the U.S., Israel and the Saudis saw the deal as fair, and the pullout is going to make it more difficult to reach deals with countries that will justifiably see the U.S. us being pathologically incapable of honoring its international obligations.

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