The fall of Rome and DJT

It really makes me think of the end of the Roman republic. Now the Roman republic had no constitution per se but was built on precedents. Marius got a second term quickly after his first one (there was supposed to be a 10year gap between them), then he got 5 consulships in a row. Then his adversary tried to institute a dictatorship (an official magistrature) that was exceptionally long “in order to restore the republic” before retiring. In the meantime his right arm Pompey received a lot of command positions despite his young age and used them to gather political capital for his later career.

The next step is more well known and involve a secret agreement to control the main administrative positions between 3 men (the first triumvirate), one of them declaring an illegal war by continuing what was supposed to be a limited intervention into a 7 year long conquest (the conquest of Gaul) then declaring a civil war to be offered power and try to institute life long dictatorship.

Last step after the death of Caesar his adoptive son got the consulship as his first magistracy because he could rally his father’s veterans, ally then fight various people and finally reform the republic in a way that would abolish all checks and balances by granting him veto power over any law like a tribune of the plebs despite being a patrician and distant control over all the provinces with legions in it, ensuring that every military commanders (except a few exceptions) will be picked by him.

So far the US had 2 elections that lead to the numerically losing candidate winning and promoting foreign wars against ennemies in order to deal with personnal grievences of their families and entourage (Bush father and Cheney felt betrayed by Saddam Hussein). It backfired as it created years of war and promoted anti American activities, justifying longer foreign interventions. Then in 2016 the Russians helped to get another losing candidate (in the number of votes) elected. This new president would then try everything to erase the trace of that link, therefore creating traces that something fishy is going on. He also declares that it would be nice to be president for life, that his presidency had 2 great years but those were stolen and that his magistracy should be consequently extended until 2022.

That was a very very brief summary. I didn’t even mentioned that both senates were partially filled with corrupt individuals.

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