Fuck Andrew Jackson

There’s a statue of Jackson on his grave in the cemetery named for him in Lexington.

There’s an exact replica of the WV Capital statue located at the Virginia Military Academy.

He has statues located in Richmond and Charlottesville.

There’s a monument to him located at the Manassas Battlefield.

He’s carved into the side of Stone Mountain in Georgia.

He’s featured on the obverse of the 1925 commemorative half dollar.

He has entire counties named after him in Texas and Oklahoma, plus towns in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Kentucky.

Sections of both US Route 522 and US Route 340 are named Stonewall Jackson Highway

In WV alone, he has an entire state park, including a lake, a dam, and a resort named after him, plus a hospital in Weston, a statue in Clarksburg, and while Jackson’s Mill is named for his family, it and the state 4-H camp on its grounds are best know as as his childhood home.

The dude had a nuclear submarine named for him from ’64 till ’95 and it was the third Navy ship to bear his name.

How much honor does a traitor deserve?

What purpose does a statue at the WV capital serve? What did he do to benefit the state of WV aside from being born within its eventual borders? Why should he be celebrated at the WV Capital building?

It does history no disservice to have his name and likeness removed from places where he was only memorialized as part of Jim Crow era intimidation and “Lost Cause” historical revisionism by groups like the United Daughters of the Confederacy, who funded this statue.

There are plenty of Civil War museums the statue on the Capital grounds can be donated to, where he can be remembered in proper context: as a brilliant military tactician, a profoundly religious man, a slave owner who, despite working for years to educate and improve the lives of slaves in violation of Virginia law, nonetheless took up arms against his fellow citizens in the name of a confederation of States supporting the institution of slavery.

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