trump wearing a swastika….not a problem at all for his supporters

If Trump started wearing a fascist/Nazi-type armband and generalissimo-style cap to his rallies, his core GOP support would either remain where it is, or rise. All his supporters know it. They’ll scream and kick and cry right now if you accuse them of this, but in their silent moments they know the truth. Because they’re fascists. They’re just at the stage where they have to lie and distract and scream when accused of what they know to be the truth. But at some point they won’t have to lie anymore. And every time Trump speaks or has one of his dipshit, nut-bag rallies like last night, they hear ‘That day is getting closer’.

The absolute worst thing that would happen from his supporters would be apathy and deep sighing. That’s it. Because, fortunately, we’re still at the point where fascists have to lie and deceive and pretend they aren’t what they are… so they know they would have to play defense. Not that lying is emotionally the same experience that non-fascists have.

The bulk of them would only care about the rage from the left and participate in attacking anybody upset about it. And majority of them would be fucking ecstatic… and you’d see things like racism in public skyrocket, attacks on minorities, etc.

Of all the insanity of the last few years I think one thing really sticks out. It was a moment of brilliance, perfect clarity, from a person otherwise well known as a shit baboon.

When Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose one supporter he was horrifyingly correct in his assessment. That is absolutely true and that is what has carried him all this way. He is seemingly untouchable with just 35% approval ratings.

Everyone knows, his supporters best of all, that as long as they never waver they get what they want. This is a tantrum of epic proportions by a dying demographic hell bent on inflicting as much pain on everyone they hate before they are irrelevant. They’ll burn the whole thing down before another black president or another civil right is allowed.

So trump wearing a swastika….not a problem at all for his supporters.

One thought on “trump wearing a swastika….not a problem at all for his supporters”

  1. Yeah. That’s the fundamental problem, even though his statement wasn’t literally a threat to shoot someone. It’s a failure to learn from the lessons of the rise of fascism in the 30’s. The “First they came for the x, but i was not x, so I said nothing, when they came for me there was no one left to speak for me” line was from a former nazi supporter and lutheran minister who ended up on the wrong side of them and thrown into concentration camps once he began speaking out against their increasing abuses. The purity test is unending in fascism and will slowly whittle away until nothing is left.

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