Sarah Sanders is a thundercunt

Trump Republicans don’t act in good faith. They’re hypocrites of the worst kind who can’t really defend their behavior on the merits, so they’re always looking for someone to say something out of turn or that can be construed as distasteful, then immediately jump on them and characterize them to be representative of everyone who opposes them. “This is what the left does!!!”

It’s a never ending strategy of rallying support by clutching their pearls and playing the victim. Obstruct a critical federal investigation at a dozen different choke points, purge dissenting voices from the various agencies, rip children from their mothers and lock them in cages at the border, the list goes on — but then when a rando says lop the heads off, as in heads will roll, as in people getting fired, well then they run to Fox News and start gushing about how “gosh and golly gee, we’d tolerate an honest debate of ideas but the libs literally want to decapitate us!!11”

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