How do people who want children not care about the environment?

I had a conversation with someone about how he thinks houses are too expensive. I told him that there are many small one-bedroom apartments in the city selling for $300k or $400k. He got mad and told me that this was unacceptable because you cannot raise your children in a one-bedroom apartment. You need to buy a house and that will cost you $700k.

I then told him that there is no rule that states you must have children and that living in high-density apartments is better for the environment. He then proceeded to say that he does not care about the environment. I then asked him why because if he wanted a child, why would he want to contribute to the destruction of the environment and destroy the world that his son or daughter will inherit?

Personally, I believe that the future will be very bleak. Technology and automation will cause mass unemployment, huge gaps between rich and poor, and riots and rapes on the street fuelled by divide and conquer propaganda, not to mention the scarcity of natural resources and a world ravaged by climate change.

However, I wonder why most people want to have children but also feel a need to destroy the world in which their children live. This seems like a waste because you are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into your child only to have them grow up into a world you have destroyed.

Of course, the answer may be that people just don’t think about these things. They merely act on instinct and are incapable of empathising with their fellow humans or the environement, and if this is true then it is another reason why you shouldn’t have children because you are exposing your child to a world filled with humans will only act on instinct and don’t care about your child and will seek to exploit and oppress and manipulate them.

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