The internet was created, and it was good.

The internet was created, and it was good.

But information became too free. Publishing corporations were no longer able to enforce revenue. People in power no longer was able to control the message.

So, it started with media. The DCMA took down copywrited content, and prevented competition through false claims impossible for the average man to dispute, establishing a monopoly on published works. Individuals and organizations without the right connections were shut down.

Then came the governments. Everywhere around the globe, we saw censorship of information as ruling bodies learned how to manipulate the message. Beholden to their corporate overlords, the US is moving to eliminate net neutrality. To maintain their image of a perfect society, India shut down telecommunications in the event of race riots. China is re-writing history, and is out-right censoring information going to their citizens. The EU is pushing through legislation allowing it to indiscriminately take down content at will. Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as all of the above, are employing legions to alter the message, push blame, and sow discord.

We live in a society where the internet is no longer ours. It has become a battleground between entities with overwhelming resources. And there is no winner in this war. Ultimately, the idea of a free and open internet is dead.

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