Trump inherited a booming economy, and has since been strangling it

Obama ended his term after spending its entirety fixing the crash of ’08, which was caused by Bush’s reregulation.

Trump inherited a booming economy, very healthy, and has since been strangling it by engaging our allies (and greatest trade neighbors) with trade wars, as well as thousands of deregulations, by destroying the C.F.P.B. and of course the tax scam bill.

Look at the history of the DOW for example and you can see a trend disrupted quite clearly. I’ve met trolls who actually will give trump credit for 2 months of the trend before he was even inaugurated!

Anyways, Yes we bounced back and then trump stomped on it for his wealthy benefactors, and we can see this because the yield curve has inverted.

Here’s some more info, if you’d like some specifics.

Regulations Cut

Green energy R&D halved by trump while China, India, and EU double it

NAFTA destruction causes Mexico to change corn source

Trumps EPA lowers vehicle emissions standards

Trump signs enormous bank deregulation order

Mulveny disbands all consumer protection board members

Trump’s EPA is influenced by an ultra right Texas group

Trump admin seeks to further fuck over endangered species:

Trump allows bee-killing pesticide:

Tax cuts were used for stock buybacks, not wages

Ivanka’s products spared from tarriffs:

Budget Deficit jumps 16% trump’s first year

Per earlier prediction, deficit aiming at $1Trillion in 2019

Deficit $895 Billion – Sep 2018

 Trump’s opened all the waters he can to oil drilling:

and he’s opened Federal lands like reserves to drilling:

Trump weakening Nuclear safety board:

Trump’s EPA allows Asbestos:

Meanwhile, Russian company sells Trump-approved asbestos:

Trump withholding $1.4 Billion in public transit funding

Without Republican Policies, US would be in surplus:

Trump economy worse than last 7 presidents by 12 metrics:

Natl debt hits $22T for first time ever

Trade Deficit at record high years into trump’s trade wars

I include some EPA related links in here – deregulation against nature robs us as much as financial deregulation imo.


Tarriffs section

3 US companies strangled by trump’s tarriffs

Wisconsin hurt by tarriffs:

China’s oil tarriffs would disrupt $1Billion/month

Stock market falls amid trade fears

Chip stocks fall as Trump warns of tech investment restriction

US crops hurting in trade war, Farmers hope for truce:

US Taxpayers pay $12 Billion to cover farmer’s losses due to Trump Tariffs:

PC company tarriff’d to death

Stocks drop amid China trade war worries:

Trade deficit highest it’s been since 3 years ago, Trump is losing trade war against China

US not invited to canada trade talk:

The tarriffs cost nearly as much as obamacare taxes (At $40 Billion+)

Ford preparing layoffs due to tarriffs

Nebraska hit hard

Farmers forced into bankruptcy

Farmer debt high:

Trade deficit worsened by trade wars:

Business confidence globally worsened by Trump Trade Wars

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