Fuck Joe rogan

Man, I like Joe Rogan but can find a lot of his pod casts infuriating. I’ve seen quite a few episodes where he claims he doesn’t understand why everyone thinks he is a right wing wacko cause he thinks a lot of Democratic party platforms sound great, like legalization of certain drugs, universal health Care, a focus on curbing climate change and even says he’d like to see UBI attempted. But a majority of his content is complaining about the oogey boogey SJWs on Twitter and giving right wing wackos platforms to peddle their shit ideas. Yea Joe, when your content majorly aligns with alt-right talking points people are going to think your alt-right leaning, why is that confusing to you?

I recently saw a clip about him wondering about the Christ Church shooting. I can’t remember the specifics of the actual clip but it left me wondering if he realizes that he appeals heavily to people like that guy that live streamed a murder spree. That a mass majority of terrorists from all over the globe have predominately been young, disaffected men that aren’t entirely happy with their life. That this demographic heavily overlaps with the demographic that watches his programming. I would bet good money that the Christ Church terrorist watched and laughed at many Joe Rogan clips, how could he not when they are all over the we sites he frequented. That watching even just 1 Joe Rogan podcast on YouTube on a fresh account will cause a lot of alt-right programming to be suggested to you.

Fuckin joe…. I hope you see this Joe and make some changes. Love your work but just wish you’d present some of your more healthier ideals and would spend less time freaking out about a small % of people with loud voices that don’t share those same ideals.

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